Australian Woman Says Aliens Abducted Her Ducks

Last month, more specifically on 24 July, a very curious incident occurred in Humpty Doo, a small town in northern Australia: a local woman affirmed that “alien forces” have allegedly been “abducting” her little ducks for three weeks. According to conspiracy theory website Mysterious Universe, the lady “recently reported to the local NT News that eight of her ducklings, all flightless [...]

16 August 2018

Aliens: Fallen Angels, Not Muslims Instigate Terrorism suggests Exopolitics

The “official story” is that 9/11 and the War on Terrorism which followed were the result of “Muslim” extremists.  However, Dr. Michael Salla’s “Typology of Extraterrestrials” suggests that what ancient Pagan Gnostics and Ephesians 6:12 in the New Testament refers to as the ‘fallen angels’ in the biblical passage below:For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, bu [...]

22 May 2018

Five Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe and Secure

There are always stories in the news about how thieves are getting their hands on other people’s money. Whether it’s a robber in a convenience a store, a credit card skimmer at a gas station, or a hacker, the bad guys are getting really good at getting money that isn’t rightfully theirs. For the rest of us, that means keeping a closer eye on our money than we ever have before. The [...]

22 May 2018

Patients, staff 'suffer': Rural Ottawa voters demand better health care

With three young boys, Emmanuelle Seguin Reid says a trip to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is practically an inevitability — and one she dreads. "Sometimes when kids get hurt, you're like, 'Should we go to the hospital?'" Seguin Reid said from the porch of her Navan home, while her three-year-old son Samuel ran back and forth ac [...]

19 May 2018

Quebec wants Ottawa to allow people in the province to file a single-tax return

The Quebec government will ask Ottawa for the power to collect federal taxes in a move that could reduce paperwork for companies and individuals who would only have to file a single tax return instead of two.Members of the National Assembly adopted a unanimous motion this week calling on Ottawa to allow Quebec to administer a single-tax system, but it's stil [...]

19 May 2018

Fewer advance polls confound Ottawa Centre NDP candidate

Voters looking to get a jump on exercising their civic duty this Ontario election will have fewer places to go, and one candidate isn't impressed.Elections Ontario has reduced the number of advance polling locations in Ottawa Centre, from 11 during the 2014 campaign to just four this year. Every other Ottawa riding also has four locations for this election. NDP candid [...]

19 May 2018

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