UFO Hits Airplane In Siberia, Russia

Just three weeks ago, on 29 July, famous ufologist and writer Scott C. Waring, administrator of UFO Sightings Daily website, published a very interesting post about a strange incident that occurred in Siberia, Russia. According to a video report published on YouTube by the also renowned UFO researcher SecureTeam10, an Antonov An-24 plane that was flying from Olyenok to Yakustk resulted damaged a [...]

21 August 2018

UFO: Glowing Orb Appears Over Niagara Falls, Ontario

Date: 15 July, 2018. Place: Niagara Falls, Province of Ontario, Canada. A few weeks ago, on 15 July, a very strange incident was witnessed in the beautiful city of Niagara Falls, Ontario. According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident affirmed to have seen “a ball of light” crossing the sky over the Canadian city. “I was looki [...]

12 August 2018

Friends Catch UFOs While Recording Snapchat Story

Date: 14 July, 2018. Place: Sioux Lookout, Province of Ontario, Canada. About three weeks ago, more specifically on 14 July, a very unusual event occurred in the small village of Sioux Lookout, Ontario. According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a group of friends that were outside their house affirmed to have recorded a bright object hovering ov [...]

07 August 2018

UFO: Couple Of Star-like Objects Seen In Edmonton, Alberta

Date: 15 July, 2018. Place: Edmonton, Province of Alberta, Canada. Just a couple of years ago, on 15 July, a very strange event occurred in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local resident who was looking at the sky observed “two star-like objects” hovering over the Canadian city. “I was looking o [...]

02 August 2018

Ottawa School Board Questions New Sex New Curriculum

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board has written a letter requesting the Ontario government to clarify several issues concerning the intended change of sex ed curriculum, come this fall. In the letter, addressed to the education minister, Lisa Thompson, the OCDSB expressed that there were a lot of confusing issues outstanding as regards new direction of the province’s Health and P [...]

31 July 2018

Canadian Researcher Says Canadian Government Hides Information About Aliens

Only a couple of weeks ago, on 11 July, famous Canadian ufologist and writer Victor Viggiani, head of the CRCU (Canadian Research Council of UFOs) gave a lecture in which he analysed the UFO issue in the Canadian context. According to him, the authorities of the country know much more about extraterrestrial life than what they publicly reveal. The higher levels of the government have been system [...]

27 July 2018

Small Village In Argentina Could Be An Interdimensional Alien Base

On 22 June, YouTube user and UFO researcher UFOmania – the truth is out there posted a very interesting video about a recent theory that states that “an alien base with interdimensional portals” could be located in Capilla del Monte, a small village in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. “MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, one of the most prestigious UFO centres in the United States, has in [...]

24 July 2018

Geologist Found Alien Evidence In Roswell Crash Incident

On 28 June, journalist Nirmal Narayanan published a very interesting report on Indian online newspaper The International Business Times, in which he makes public the statements of American geologist Frank Kimbler, who asserts that he discovered “extraterrestrial material” in Roswell crash site. “Frank Kimbler, a New Mexican geologist has claimed that he has discovered extraterrestrial ma [...]

19 July 2018

Journalist Explains The Different Types Of Aliens And Their Agenda On Earth

Early this month, more specifically on 07 July, journalist Caroline Michelle published an article con online news site Exemplore in which she analyses the different types of extraterrestrial beings, their origins and their agenda on Earth. According to her, there are three main alien races: the Greys, the Reptilians and the Nordics. This classification, she says, is based “on reports by abdu [...]

16 July 2018

Jack MacLaren- YOUR voice – and worth your Vote

For almost 7 years Jack Maclaren has represented the constituents of Kanata, Carleton and Mississippi Mills as their MPP in the Ontario Legislature. Over one year ago he left the PC party because he was increasingly frustrated at being told to vote along party lines even for legislation that would harm the rights and interests of his constituents. Jack is right when he says to his co [...]

28 May 2018

Election: Nepean Candidate Says We Can Change the Future of Ontario with Direct Democracy

On June 7th, 2018, Ontarians have a chance to finally put an end to corporate establishment government. As is customary during elections, our political parties have made grandiose promises to appeal to voters. Given the present condition of our economy, healthcare, high hydro costs, etc. it is reasonable to ask if the government has kept its promises from years past. Political corrupti [...]

26 May 2018

In less than 20 years, the U.S. dollar has lost 80% of its value vs. REAL money (gold)

(Natural News) For those among us who feel safe and secure – perhaps even a little smug – about the value of the U.S. dollar, convinced that a Venezuela-type crash of the currency could never happen in the United States, this article is sure to come as a shock. Gold Switzerland recently reported that in the two decades since 1999, the dollar has devalued against gold (real money) by o [...]

22 May 2018

CityMakers: Black Like Me is dedicated to creating spaces for Black people in Ottawa

Black Like Me (BLM) is an organisation dedicated to creating spaces for Black people in Ottawa to “find happiness, safety, support, and whatever else they need to live.” Founded in 2016 by Sakinna Gairey and Selali A-W, BLM has now grown to include several programs and services, and successful events. Below, Nickie Shobeiry speaks to them about their work. What brought you both to O [...]

18 May 2018

Bike Ottawa has developed a suite of interactive maps to help cyclists

Local cyclists rejoice! Riders in our city now have access to an impressive suite of interactive maps for route planning. The result of much hard work by Bike Ottawa volunteers, the new tools include maps which show the levels of traffic stress throughout Ottawa, a trip planner that takes into consideration your personal comfort level for high traffic streets, and a map which shows just h [...]

18 May 2018

La Catrina Churros is celebrating their first anniversary in true fiesta fashion—05.18.18

You’re invited down to 105B Clarence Street on Friday May 18th, for an all-day anniversary celebration. There will be 2 for 1 churros all day, but around 6-10 pm, the party will be in full swing. We’re talking Mariachi band!Get out your face paint and fancy dress because there is a Catrina (and Catrin for the guys) contest at 7:30pm. Mixed Media Artist Dulce Tapp, a Día de los Muert [...]

18 May 2018