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Australian Woman Says Aliens Abducted Her Ducks


Last month, more specifically on 24 July, a very curious incident occurred in Humpty Doo, a small town in northern Australia: a local woman affirmed that “alien forces” have allegedly been “abducting” her little ducks for three weeks.

According to conspiracy theory website Mysterious Universe, the lady “recently reported to the local NT News that eight of her ducklings, all flightless due to clipped wings, mysteriously disappeared from her locked yard”.

“Mysteriously over the course of two weeks, one by one they disappeared into thin air. There’s no sign of any forced entry, there’s no feathers, there’s no big fat snakes, there’s no dogs, there’s no evidence at all. A wild dog couldn’t have got past my dog and would have left feathers or a mess – and a snake couldn’t have eaten eight ducks in three weeks”, said the unnamed woman, quoted by Mysterious Universe.

She also claimed that the unknown intruders took “the best young ones”, and left her with the “less desirable and aptly named Squawky Duck and Old Duck”.

“So, it must be alien forces”, the Australian woman asserted. “They [aliens] must prefer ducks. They were Muscovy ducks, so they were massive – at least double the size of the regular ones”, she explained.

For years, stories about cattle mutilation have been very common in countries like the United States and England. However, this is the first case of a “duck abduction”. “The majority of alien animal abduction stories are about cattle and cattle mutilations, not ducks. Nick Redfern has shared accounts of human abductees seeing dogs, big cats and even Bigfoot on spaceships, but no ducks”, states Mysterious Universe.  

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2018/07/australian-woman-blames-duck-abductions-on-aliens/

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