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Earth's Geophysical Pole Shift Has Begun, Researcher Claims


Recently, we have witnessed a series of catastrophic events that have changed our point of view regarding how our actions are affecting the planet. However, there seems to be another element to add to this equation: the Geophysical Pole shift.

According to researchers like Angellica Goodson, “there is no doubt that a Geophysical Pole shift is starting today”.

“Our earth has been wobbling around like a top as the locations of Geophysical and Magnetic north change”, she said. “Recently, though, our Earth is starting to roll: Due North, which has been off centre by 29 degrees, is now moving in the direction of Magnetic North, which is at the top of the globe. It looks like our planet is trying to correct itself so that Magnetic and Geophysical North are in the same place”, she commented.

Ms Goodson explained that this phenomenon is generally preceded by a Magnetic Pole shift. “A Geophysical Pole shift usually starts with a Magnetic Pole shift, meaning that Magnetic North moves first and then the Geophysical Pole shift follows in the same path later”, she asserted. “Take your globe or a picture of the side of the earth where North America and South America sits and tip it to the left 26 degrees. This will show you the direction the current Geophysical Pole shift is moving today. Europe will move north into the Arctic Region while North America will move south, towards the Equator”, she added.

“The Geophysical Pole shift had not followed the Magnetic Pole shift until recently, when the Earth began to roll”, the researcher affirmed. “The Earth’s orbit slowed down and then it started to roll in the direction of Magnetic North”, she claimed.

She then gave the reasons why she decided to pay attention to this issue. “I have been tracking the movement of the Earth for a couple of years because of the weather pattern changes and because of the fear of the Geophysical Pole shift we are currently experiencing”, she expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information about Geophysical Pole shift: https://duanetilden.com/2015/03/03/climate-change-pole-shift-solarweather/


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