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North America Will Become Warmer Due To Geophysical Pole Shift, Researcher Claims


Recently, a series of strange incidents have been witnessed around the world: wildfires, intense blizzards, earthquakes, etc. Regarding this, some scientists and independent researchers have concluded that they could be caused by what has been called Geophysical Pole shift.

Researcher and writer Angellica Goodson explains that the Earth is currently “experiencing a Geophysical Pole Shift and, as a result, the continents are once again moving towards a new location”.

“11.500 years ago, a Geophysical Pole Shift happened which caused an Earth Crustal Displacement. North America dropped down or moved south from the North Pole to where she is today and started to warm up. The one-mile high ice sheet covering parts of North American continent began to disappear. This happened with the Scandinavian Ice Sheet over Europe as well”, Ms Goodson stated. “Today, we are once again experiencing the beginning of a Geophysical Pole shift. North America is rolling south towards the equator, while Europe appears to be rolling north back into the freeze zone”, she added.

The researcher also gave details on how this pole shift affects the temperature in our planet. “As the continents migrated and changed places, the Sun’s direction also changed, depending upon where the continents sat”, she said. “As the north and south poles moved further away from the equator, the Sun’s heat and rays did not reach the north and south poles very well because these rays were concentrated on the equator. As a result the poles froze over”, she continued.

Finally, in order to picture this better, Ms Goodson recommended the following procedure: “from what I have been able to tell the drop North America has taken is approximately 8 degrees or between 6-10 degrees. So, look at where you live on the map and then drop your location down between 6-10 degrees, which is where you actually are, or pretty close to where you are on the map today”, she expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information about this phenomenon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJfBSc6e7QQ

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