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Table Setting Ideas For This Upcoming Canada Day

This upcoming Canada Day is special for many reasons, as Canada celebrates its birth as a nation in style with parties, gatherings and family dinners in dining rooms spanning coast to coast. Preparing for the date on July 1st this year means knowing in advance how to craft Canadian themed table settings for your guests. This guide will be a primer on developing, acquiring, and building an ideal, functional, and beautiful table setting ahead of the upcoming holiday. 

Across the country people will be celebrating and enjoying the weekend. For many homeowners, it’s a great time to make some upgrades around the house. From roof repairs to upgrading your home water filtration system, summer will be in the air and BBQs will be heating up. With all the work that goes into the weekend, it’s also a great time to think about updating your furniture!

As for the table, it's important to research your furniture needs before making a purchase, and choosing a well-crafted piece can be a great fit for generations to come. Signature pieces are perfectly designed to create a wonderful atmosphere in your living room or den area. Shopping from a distributor with a guaranteed "White Glove Delivery" will almost guarantee your purchase will be worthwhile and satisfactory, and having an experienced crafts person refinish your antiques can also go a long way towards maintaining a well-established home environment. 

Canadian themed table settings ought to reflect not only a strong commitment to creative design, but also be a celebration of the tradition and aesthetics that see Canada as both visionary country and a historical one. Choosing a decorative style that showcases handcrafted wooden furniture goes hand in hand with recognizing this country’s storied history, evoking the bygone days of fur trappers and log cabins. Adding some pizazz to the settings on top, like exotic flowers or a more modern flag design, hints at a contemporary Canada of progress and multiculturalism.

To create a table setting that everyone will be talking about, as mentioned, you have to start with a remarkable table. Go for something like a beautiful reclaimed wood table made from re-purposed industrial wood, or a live edge table that shows off the wood’s natural grain. This will be the foundation of your table setting, so put some thought into it (and as a bonus, when Canada is over, you’re left with a beautiful table to use the other 364 days of the year!).

From there, you can go one of two routes; the traditional route, with a full red and white motif, maple leaves aplenty and other traditional symbols of Canadian identity, like beavers, plaid, maple syrup, etc. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this route, even if it does rely on some out-dated stereotypes. For a more modern table setting, use burlap, brass and wood, accented with some red items like flowers or a few actual maple leaves. This conveys that warm, convivial feeling without clubbing guests over the head with Canadiana.

Purchasing your table from a crafts person who has years of experience will bring you one step closer to a memorable dining room experience with friends and loved ones. This upcoming Canada day with a new dining room table and some choice settings, you’ll be in the right mood to enjoy the holiday. Happy Canada Day!

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