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Girls do More Chores and Get Paid Less than Boys says Research


Children, it has been learnt, acquire most adult housekeeping skills by being involved in house hold chores. Apparently, parents are more interested in teaching their girls housekeeping skills than they do the boys.

Sandra Hofferth, a sociologist at the University of Maryland who has spent time studying how children spend their time, co-authored a recent analysis that shows that just like in decades past, female children still spend more time on household chores than boys do. They are also paid less than boys for doing chores and have smaller allowances.

According to the report on NyTimes.com, the research studied American Time Use Survey Diaries from the year 2003 to 2014 by 6,358 high school students aged 15 to 19. The house chores studied includes cooking, cleaning, pet care, yard care and home and car maintenance. The analysis found that girls ages 15 to 19 do about 45 minutes of house chores a day and boys about half an hour. It however noted that girls now spend less time on chores than they did about ten years ago. Variations were found depending on the level of education of the parents of the children in question. Educated parents seemed to have changed their expectations of their daughters, requiring them to do less housework generally albeit more housework than the boys. According to the survey, daughters of college graduates spend 25 percent less time on chores than daughters of parents who had just a high school education. But all girls, despite the level of education of their parents, still spent a lot more time of house chores, than the boys.

In addition, a recent research on a chore app, Busy Kid of 10,000 families that use the app, showed that boys also got paid more allowance than girls for doing chores.Boys are also more likely to be paid for personal hygiene, like brushing teeth or taking a shower, according to Busy Kid.

It might be interesting to compare this research to a 2014 research by the University of Michigan’s institute of Social Research which found that girls are doing two more hours’ worth of chores than boys are, while boys are spending twice as much time playing than girls do.  A considerable improvement can be seen when matched to the more recent study. These results however, cannot be easily dismissed seeing as they reinforce the practice that females would not get as much pay for doing the same work as their male counterpart, even in most adult occupations.

The refusal to pay girls as much as boys for the same work also demonstrates the belief that parents do not count household work as work that should be rewarded for a girl, but more as a duty instead.  According to Time.com, It’s no wonder then that when they grow up, women spend more than twice as much time on unpaid work (like childcare and household chores) as men do each week, while men find more time to relax.

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