18 May 2018 Posted By : Colin Noden

La Catrina Churros is celebrating their first anniversary in true fiesta fashion—05.18.18

You’re invited down to 105B Clarence Street on Friday May 18th, for an all-day anniversary celebration. There will be 2 for 1 churros all day, but around 6-10 pm, the party will be in full swing. We’re talking Mariachi band!

Get out your face paint and fancy dress because there is a Catrina (and Catrin for the guys) contest at 7:30pm. Mixed Media Artist Dulce Tapp, a Día de los Muertos expert, will be on hand to explain the history of these popular costumes. There will be appearances by local politicians and His Excellency, Ambassador Dionisio Pérez Jácome. And then, Mariachi Los Paisanos! It’s going to be one big sugar rush of an evening.

So why all the fuss over a churro? It turns out that getting a real good churro is not that easy here in Ottawa. These starburst shaped sticks should be crisp and sugary on the outside, but with a crunchy give, revealing a moist almost creamy interior. They beg to be dipped, unlike a doughnut which struggles to get in the cup, and then comes out like a rag mop. A churro is strong and tender and made to be partnered.

Ulises Ortega, the chef/owner of La Catrina Churros, has been experimenting with different partners for his churros. There is the traditional Mexican hot chocolate, made on the stovetop, with chocolate, milk, vanilla and cinnamon, and stirred patiently until just right. And there is Mexican style coffee. But when in Ottawa, you must have poutine! So, poutine churros were born, topped with marshmallows and chocolate & caramel sauces. You have to taste it, along with churro Yo-Yos, and dulce de leche sundaes.

Entrance mural to La Catrina Churros café

There’s enough energy in these to get you through a long night of partying. This small café is going to be bursting at the seams, but Ulises is encouraging you to squeeze in and join the party. Once you have your churros, you can enjoy them on the patio. This could turn into a block party. “Just like in Mexico!” said Ulises.

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