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Jack MacLaren- YOUR voice – and worth your Vote

For almost 7 years Jack Maclaren has represented the constituents of Kanata, Carleton and Mississippi Mills as their MPP in the Ontario Legislature.

Over one year ago he left the PC party because he was increasingly frustrated at being told to vote along party lines even for legislation that would harm the rights and interests of his constituents. Jack is right when he says to his constituents:

“You deserve better!”

While that problem exists in all of the major political parties, instead of sitting as an independent, Mr. MacLaren chose to join the Trillium Party of Ontario – because that Party has a clear commitment to ensuring that members of the Ontario legislature speak and vote on behalf of the constituents whom they represent.

Since he left the PC party, Jack’s record shows that he has worked to fulfil that duty to his constituents, and he is campaigning on the basis of that commitment: 

“I have had the honour of working to be YOUR voice at Queen's ParkI will continue to work for you.”

 “As a member of the Trillium Party I have had the ability to do a far better job at doing what MPPs have the duty to do – to speak freely on your behalf and to vote freely to protect your rights and to promote your just interests.”

“And that is why I seek your support once more – as a member of the Trillium Party, and as the person who will represent YOU in the Legislature of Ontario.”

Even though members of the Trillium Party are not compelled to vote along party lines, they are bound by a set of fundamental principles to which the Party is firmly committed – principles that put the rights of citizens ahead of the wishes of those who are in the government and in the bureaucracy.

All candidates for the Trillium Party are committed to ensuring that all policies of the Party and all votes in the Legislature will be driven by those principles.

At the most fundamental level, those principles defend the values and principles upon which Canada was founded – values and principles that put the rights of individuals above the wishes of those who govern the state:

The values and principles of the Trillium Party:

  • support the basic rights and freedoms of every person;
  • they put the basic rights of persons ahead of interests of any other person, group or company – and any agent of government;
  • they demand that the principles of fundamental justice must be upheld for each and every person;
  • they require government to manage public property in a way that benefits all members of the public;
  • they call on government to support required infrastructure and services that could not be adequately provided without government involvement;
  • they demand protection for the family as an essential foundation of our society; and
  • they demand support for the basic needs of those who are unable to help themselves.

In adopting those principles, and in insisting that members of the provincial legislature must abide by them, the Trillium Party is vastly different from all of the major political parties in Ontario.

Those major parties do not leave room for freedom of thought, voice or vote.  Instead, they place the interests of the party (and the agendas of the lobbyists who control the back rooms) above the duty of MPPs to act on behalf of the people whom they were elected to represent.

They demand support for the policies that those who control their Party want to impose – no matter whose rights or just interests that might harm.

Like all candidates for the Trillium Party, Jack is firmly committed to working to restore the province to its former economic strength – as the basis for ensuring a sound future for ourselves and for our children. As he has said:

“Ontario was once the economic engine of Canada. There was prosperity, there were good jobs and there was hope for the future.  Now Ontario is a have-not province.  Confidence in our future has been replaced by uncertainty and even by fear.

“Whereas Ontario was debt free when I went to school, the citizens of Ontario now share a debt burden of more than $300 billion – and if the government’s accounting sleight-of-hand is set aside, the true debt is much closer to $400 Billion.

“That huge burden threatens Ontario’s ability to pay for the common services that we require and it undermines the prospect for Ontario’s youth to have a promising future.

“We must create a climate where private sector investment is encouraged – so as to create secure and well-paying jobs for all of us and for our children …

“… and to generate the wealth that is required to fund the support that is essential for those who must cope with health problems, with prolonged illness, with developmental difficulties, with the growing needs of an aging population and with the epidemic of drug addiction that is evident among our youth.

Jack MacLaren sees a vote for the Trillium Party as a vote to put Ontario back on a sound track towards the better future that we all desire

“Whereas citizens could once count on governments to put the rights of citizens first, we know that the main political parties provide privileges to some at the expense of the rights of others.

“The first step to setting that right and to making the provincial government work for you is to ensure that the people of Ontario have a real voice in the Legislature – and to ensure that that voice is forcefully expressed and clearly heard.”

“As your representative, and as a member of the Trillium Party, I assure you that I will continue to meet with you, to listen to you and to work for you.

The Trillium Party of Ontario promises “Something different, something better!”

Jack’s record in the Ontario Legislature leaves no doubt that the Trillium Party of Ontario is very different from all of the traditional parties – and it leaves no doubt that he is seriously committed to ensuring that the voice of his constituents is heard.

In a time of great political uncertainty in Ontario - a time when the choices between the traditional parties seem so difficult to make - Jack MacLaren’s promise to be YOUR voice is a solid reason to give him your vote.

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