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Geologist Found Alien Evidence In Roswell Crash Incident


On 28 June, journalist Nirmal Narayanan published a very interesting report on Indian online newspaper The International Business Times, in which he makes public the statements of American geologist Frank Kimbler, who asserts that he discovered “extraterrestrial material” in Roswell crash site.

“Frank Kimbler, a New Mexican geologist has claimed that he has discovered extraterrestrial material from the legendary Roswell UFO crash spot, a news report published in KRQE said”, the article states. “Frank Kimbler said that he came across the debris when he was searching for UFO remnants in the alleged crash site for over seven years. He said he discovered some debris at the area which might be of extraterrestrial origin” it adds.

The geologist says he used a metal detector to find twenty pieces of metal which were meticulously analysed. However, the results obtained were completely shocking: some of the fragments had “a non-earthly” origin.

“Some of it could be trash, camper trash, but some of it could be interesting. I started looking around all over the place, looking to see if the helicopters were going to fly over, because you get paranoid when you read the stories of about Roswell and what's happened to people when they've come forward with stuff”, Mr Kimbler expressed. “Some of the material that I found out there has been tested and it has anomalies that suggest that it might be of extraterrestrial origin”, he continued.

Nonetheless, in spite of his exciting discovery, Mr Kimbler believed his life was in danger, due to the countless testimonies of people doing activities in the Area 51 without permission and government officials chasing them. But, in the end, everything went fine. “I said sure, about had a heart attack. I'm going, 'Oh, they're going to arrest me, they're going to confiscate this material. I always thought that I was within my legal rights as a citizen of the US to go out and metal detect. However, it had a happy ending. I got clarification on the rules and regulations from the BLM and there was no confiscation of materials”, he said.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.ibtimes.co.in/geologist-claims-he-found-extraterrestrial-material-roswell-ufo-crash-spot-773375

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