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UFO Hits Airplane In Siberia, Russia


Just three weeks ago, on 29 July, famous ufologist and writer Scott C. Waring, administrator of UFO Sightings Daily website, published a very interesting post about a strange incident that occurred in Siberia, Russia.

According to a video report published on YouTube by the also renowned UFO researcher SecureTeam10, an Antonov An-24 plane that was flying from Olyenok to Yakustk resulted damaged after being hit by an unknown object.

The airliner, which carried about 30 people, suffered a serious damage in the nose. “What they [Russian authorities] are saying is that basically the nose of this Antonov aircraft was severely damaged after the plane flew through ‘unfavourable weather conditions’”, SecureTeam10 stated. “There are rumours that this may have been caused by hail as they flew into a thunderstorm and were hit by hail that literally tore this plane’s nose apart”, he added.

However, the situation still remains very confusing. For this reason, SecureTeam10 believes that something is being hidden by the Russian authorities; something like a possible UFO collision. “We have reported on stories in the past where planes have been hit by straight-up UFOs. Recently, a plane carrying a group of NBA basketball stars was hit by an unknown object, confirmed not to be a bird, but something that completely caved in the nose cone of their plane”, he explained. “Whether it was something unnatural, whether it was just weather, it is very crazy to see the damage it caused”, he complemented.

In the opinion of Mr Waring, this incident could have been caused by a UFO orb. “Did this aircraft over Siberia hit an alien orb that shot past too close? It appears it did, and if this can happen once, then it could happen more often than ever believed”, he said. “This frightening occurrence shows how close UFOs come and how outdated radar systems are that cannot see and warn pilots about these high tech stealth craft”, he asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2018/07/did-this-plane-hit-alien-drone-over.html

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